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Books About Lewis County & Family

History of Lewis, Clark, Knox and Scotland Counties, Missouri, from the Earliest Time to the Present... St. Louis: Goodspeed Pub. Co., 1887.  1,229 pp. (Repr. Marceline: Missouri Hist. Pr., 1982. 1100pp.)

Lewis County, Missouri Index to Circuit Court Records: Vol. 1, 1833-1841 and Vol. 2, 1841-1851, by Sherida K. Eddleman.  Published Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1994.  ISBN 1556139845.

Lewis County, Missouri Marriage Records, V. 1 1833-1868, V. 2, 1869-1883 by Wilma Walker Dunlap.  Published St. Louis, 1973.

Records of Lewis County, MO, by Jacqueline Hogan Williams and Betty Harvey Williams.  Published 1969.

Other Books on Lewis County

The Compiled Book of Creasy by Jessy L. Daily-Geary and James P. Geary
By: Geary Genealogical Service: This history is a compilation that spans 350 years in 495 pages. It is available from us for the cost of printing and postage. We have learned that there are many Creecy cousins out there, and we are all related! Place orders by E-mailing us now - how old is it?

Chapter  # 1264    1947     LaBelle, Lewis county, Missouri

Dauma,       Mrs.   E.H. ( Virginia )Labelle, Mo
Dirkson,      Mrs.   T. L. ( Lorraine )Downing,    DorothyEllis,            Mrs H. H.   ( Francis )Haldeman,    Mrs. J. C.    (Lucille B) Haydon,        Mrs. E. B.    (Buelah LHaydon          Mrs. R. S.   (Opal S.)Hinson,  Mrs. C. W.  (Kathryne G.)Holmes, Maisey BHopkins, Mrs. M. (Josephine H.)Mitchell, Mrs. J.I. ( Rosalie M.Minter, Mrs J. A. (Mildred Buford)MacWilliams, Mrs Lulu MelvilleRouse, Hazel MattinglyRubin, Mrs H.B. (Betty Griffith)Skirvin, Mrs. F.E. (Florence B.)Smith, Mrs H. T. (Jean G.)Steffan, Mrs G.S.  (Gertrude C.)
Thompson, Mrs A. D. (Jessie H.)Uht, Mrs. G.A. (Rachel W.)Washburn, Mrs J.B. (Arvilla D.)Wilson, Mrs E. (Frankie)Wright, Mrs L. G. (Lela M.)NON-RESIDENTSBertram, GertrudeRutledge, MoBerryman, Mrs G.D.  (Dorothy P)Kirksville, MoDameron, Mary LillianQuincey, IllFuller, Mrs C.A. (Helen S.)ST. Louis, MoJones, Clara GrantNew Cambria, MoLeslie, Mrs Clyde (Mildred B.)Knox City, MoOsgood, Emma KMinneapolis, MinnPulliam, Eunice? unreadableScott, Mrs J.W. (Mary B.)Rutledge, MoWright, Mrs David, (Birdie Rouse)IN MEMORIAL ROLLPerry, MoMrs Irene Lucky Hall                                     1919Mrs Henrietta Flagler Holmes                      1939Mrs Pauline Hamilton Morris                         1923Mrs Minnie Glover Dowell                          1939Mrs Ella Hamilton Glover                              1924  Miss Zella Yancy                                         1940Mrs Ellen Hawkins Martin                             1930Mrs Louisa Sawyer Lilliard                          1942Mrs Catherine Huse Smith                              1933Mrs Anna Clark MacWilliams                     1942Mrs Francis Rousseau Kendrick       
County Clerk's Office
P.O. Box 67
Lewis County Courthouse
100 E. Lafayette St.
Monticello, MO 63457
(573) 767-5205
Circuit Clerk & Recorder of Deeds
P.O. Box 97
Lewis County Courthouse
100 E. Lafayette St.
Monticello, MO 63457
(573) 767-5440
Circuit Court - Probate Division
P.O. Box 36
Lewis County Courthouse
100 E. Lafayette St.
Monticello, MO 63457
(573) 767-5352
Lewis County USGenWeb Archives
Lewis County Tombstone Transcription Project
21st Missouri Volunteer Infantry Regiment Civil War Page

Lookups for Lewis County

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History of Lewis, Clark, Knox & Scotland Counties, Missouri
Lewis Co marriages from 1869-1883
2 Histories of LaGrange, MO
1876 Atlas of Lewis Co, MO
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Leanne Dooley

Lewis County, MO

Records of births and death certificates are online at Missouri Heritage at