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One of the five oldest family newspapers in Missouri, the Canton Press was established by J.W. Barrett in 1862 as a Democratic sheet whose motto was “Pledged but to truth, to liberty and law, no favor sways us, and no fear shall awe.” In the first issue, Barrett claimed that “while giving due attention to National affairs, we shall deem our special province to promote our State and local interests,” and the Press will “grapple with becoming boldness the great questions of the age.” Barrett went on to be the first president of the Missouri Press Association.

LA BELLE STAR                  SEPTEMBER 23, 1904

                                              LOCAL PICKUPS

- Mrs J. W. Moore departed for Memphis yesterday to visit her daughter.
- Mrs W.E. Torry, of St Louis is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs I.G. Bohon of this city.
- Miss Susie Vanskike Sundayed in Kirksville with her uncle and aunt, William Shopstall and wife.
- D.H. Wilson has a few pieces of town property and several farms for sale on exceptionally good terms.
-Tomorrow, the 24th, Mrs Kate Thompson, widow of the late Elias Thompson will sell her household           goods.
-Miss Bessie Kunkell, nee Mitchell, after a months visit with her parents here, returned to her home in Oregon, Missouri.
- L.L. Berry returned from South Dakota Saturday, where he has been for several weeks looking after crops on the farm he owns there.
- Isaac V. Lutman, a former resident of La Belle died at Upper Alton, Illinois Tuesday.  His remains were returned to Canton where he will be buried.
- Will Haycraft and wife and son,Ellis of St Louis, arrived in La Belle last night to visit Mrs. Haycrafts parents, Mr and Mrs Hugh Templeton.
- Mrs Lou Johnson and niece, Miss Lotta Thompson departed for Milwaukee to visit relatives.
- Little heirs have come to four homes since the last issue of the Star, as follows: Mr and Mrs Homer Yancey, a girl; Mr and Mrs Hosea Throckmorton, a girl ; Mr and Mrs Ewing Calhoun, a girl; and Mr and Mrs F.E. Herrick, a boy.
-Old Settlers Reunion at Monticello on Thursday of last week was a grand success.  Judge B.F. Thompson was the Chairman.Among  the old settlers who made talks were Dr. Levengood, William Smith, M.M. Buford, Judge J.T. Hall and Capt. W.G. Brown.
                                    NEW FROM BENBOW

Mr Lillard, of Maywood, the popular auctioneer, passed through Benbow Monday morning.
The Benbow school is in progress with Miss Myrtle Bohon as teacher.
Mrs M.A. Bohon, of Fairwwether, Ill, is visiting Joe Bohon and family.  Thhis is the home of her girlhood.
Thomas Brown is on the sick list, and his sister, Mrs Lizzie Janney is very sick.
Merde Brown came in from Kirksville to attend his fathers sale on Saturday.
Mr Sanford has sold his farm and will move to the stae of Indiana as soon as his wife is well enough.


Mrs Betty Wilson is slowely improving.
Mrs George Towles of near Midway is very sick.
Walter Dare has had his residence brightened with a new coat of paint.
Judge Stevans, of Kirksville,addressed our citizens Monday evening in the interest of the Modern Woodmans Society.
Mrs Barton Cooper of Reno, Nevada  states in a letter to her son, Aurther and wife of Turtle Bend that Charlie Dare, who went from our neighborhood to that place was a victim of smallpox.

            SOUTH BEE RIDGE

E.H. Rouner and wife and W.O. Braggins and wife arrived home last Tuesday after having spent a week at the World's Fair in St Louis.
M.M. Lewis and family attended the recital given by Miss Owen in LaBelle.

            NEW HOPE NEWS

Robert Foust and sister, Beatrice made a business trip to Wyanconda Saturday.
Miss Grace Purdy of Colony is teaching the Davis school this fall and winter.
Mrs George House visited with her mother, Mrs Baker, in Wyanconda last week.
Joe Walker and family of Wyanconda spent Wednesday with Charley Stafford and family.
Ben Huntley of Fairmont and Miss Annie Murphey of Antioch were married in Williamstown on Sunday.
Ira Suter and family visited with Mrs Suter's father, John Lipes and wife near Mt Salem church on Sunday.

            SANDSTONE HEIGHTS   

Mrs I.W. Day visited with her son, San Day and family of Midway.
J.A. Goodwin and wife of near Montecello and  Mrs M.M. Courtney Sundayed with Mrs Goodwins sister, Mrs R.C. Glaves


Durkee-Hawkins-Lillard Dry Goods Store had moved to the corner of Fourth and Clark streets.
Mrs San Bevans began teaching school at the Blalnd school house, three miles north of town on Monday.
Mesdames Ellen Kidwell and John Aiken of Keokuk, visited their sister and aunt, Mrs C.A. Adams.
Many Canton people attended the Old Timers Reunion, among whom were Parks Pruett and wife, Capt. N.S. Starr and family and M.H. Hawkins family.


Mrs Rankin of Shelby county is visiting her daughter, Mrs Lizzie Bowles
Mrs Miles McNally is visiting in Edina, the guest of her daughter, Mrs McGinnis.
Mrs A. Fisher of Edina has been visiting her daughter, Mrs William Wilson of Monticello


Hattie Lillard is visiting with her sister, Mrs R. S. Burford in Bunker Hill this week.
Mrs Brokenbaugh, after visiting her sister Mrs Marie Chappell , had returned to her home near Columbia, Mo.


Miss Mary Downing is visiting relatives in Iowa.
Born to William Ryan and wife, a little son.
Miss Effie Fountain spent several days with her sister, Mrs Miller Spicknall.
Jim Breckenride and wife of Knoxville, Iowa are visiting Mrs Breckenridges parents W. W. Shoup and wife.
Joe H. Pohl and family will be moving to Novinger in the middle of October.


E.C. Thompson and Family attended the funeral of Elias Thompson at La Belle on Sunday.
J.T. Helms, Rie Helms, and Mrs E. Morton all attended the funeral of their sister, Mrs Wilson , of Hannibal last  Friday.


H. Steffens and wife returned from their visit to Illino9is.
Miss Annie and Lucy Cole went to Knox City Saturday to visit their sister Mrs Ed Ashford.

            KNOX CITY NEWS

Mrs W.E. Cottey visited relatives in La Belle last Thursday.
Will Pettit and Ed Browning attended the Soldiers reunion in Newark.
Mr Myers and wife from Quincy visited their son F.O. Myers last Sunday.
Postmaster G.L. Kelly and two sisters, Annie and Lizzie, spent last week at the Fair.
Rev. Kendall and wife, who was recently Miss Emma Dick are now residing in Kahoka.
Mrs B.S. Hill of Milwaukee, Wis. was the guest of her brother and sister, Claud and Margaret Smith.M.W. Millsap of Butler county Kansas, returned home after visiting with his brother, J.H. Millsap and family.
Married at the home of officiating minister Rev. O.N.Collins in this city, Wednesday, Septemvber,14,1904, Mr George Parrish and Miss Nettie Goodwin, both of this county.


W.M. Travis and wife visited their daughter, Mrs T.T. Trimble at La Belle.
Miss Mattie Moore and brother Lush, went to St Louis Monday to attend the fair.
            NEWARK NEWS

Mrs Linton of Quincy, has been visiting her sister Miss Bertie Pierce.
            FAIRVIEW ITEMS   

Born to the wife of J.J. Pepper, on Tuesday a boy of usual wieght.
Miss Lenora Suter spent the night with relatives.
The Egypt School opened Monday with Miss Lena Bergtholdt of Gorin, teaching.


W.P. Throckmorton attended the Old Settlers reunion.
Marvin Fishback and Miss Clark of this neighborhood were married on Thursday, the 15th.


Mrs M.E. Skirvin of near Williamstown is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs Lias Benner.

            EWING ITEMS

Those attending the fair from here this week are W.H. Nelson, Mrs Alice Cason and daughters, S.B. Lay and wife, J.A. Davis and daughter, and Mrs John Wallace.


Dr. H. Clay Skirvin located in La Belle.
Charley Gregory returned home from the Pacific Coast
Mrs Armour of Fraer, Iowa was visiting her sister, Mrs S.H. Nedrow
Miss Hattie Hawker was teaching her second year at the school in the Hopewell neighborhood.
Tilley Scoggin and Cullen Porter were attending the Normal and Merchantile College in Kirksville
Miss Anna, daughter of  Mr and Mrs Isaac Allen entered Gem City Business College in Quincy.
The members of the third year's clas at Western Academy were E.B. Turpin, G.W. Scott,Frank Robinson, L.D. Dameron, George Tate, Lewis Wright, D.A. Brown and Rowena Longmire.

                    PERSONAL ADS

         PUBLIC SALE

    Having sold my farm, I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder, on my farm one and one-half miles west of Monticello on Thursday, Septemver 29, the following property:  Three hundred and eighty head of livestock, including mares, mules,cattle, hogs,and sheep. 
Also wagons, buggies,farming implements,household and kitchen furniture.  Two large straw ricks, 70 acres of corn in field.  D.G. Lillard and R.G. Ceci l, auctioneers.

T. W. Burford.


The undersigned offers his residence for sale, situated on the corner of Academy and Savage streets, opposite the La Belle High School.  House contains eight rooms, large double lot with stable and carraige house and all necessary outbuildings.  Property in good condition.  Will be sold at a bargain and on liberal terms.  Call or write for information.

Hugh Templeton
La Belle, Mo

            FOR SALE

Twelve head of Shropshire ewes, several of them are registered.

C.S. Throckmorton


Owing to illl health I offer for sale my residence property, consisting of an eight-room house, all necessary outbuildings, fruit and three lots, located near business center in La Belle.  Price very reasonable

J.C. Baker

Lewis County, MO
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