Lewis County Post Office History

Post Office    ZipCode    R    Service    Markings    Names    Pop.
Argola              1879-1901                
Barnesview              1835-1840                
Bell Prairie              1854-1855                
Benjamin              1869-1877, 1879-1926                
Bunker Hill              1855-1869, 1871-1904                
Canton    63435         1831-1835, 1847-Present      P  71           
Daviess Prairie              1839-1843                
Deer Ridge              1854-1906                
Derrahs              1890-1904                
Des Moines              1833-1836                
Durgen              1895-1905                
Durgen's Creek              1855-1861, 1868-1895                
Durham    63438         1872-Present                
Edinburg              1840-1841                
Egypt              1872                
Elm Grove              1850-1852                
Ewing    63440         1894-Present                487
Kennonsville              1837-1849                
La Belle    63447         1856-Present                766
La Grange    63448         1833-Present                
Lewiston              1872-1897                
Lewistown    63452         1897-Present                
Maywood    63454                        
Merrellsville              1843-1844                
Monticello    63457         1834-Present                
Newark              1836-1847                
Oakley              1851-1855                
Oyster              1856-1876                
Prairie              1851-1855                
Ring Branch                             
Saint Francisville              1836                
Sand Hill              1836-1845                
Sweet Home              1835-1837                
Tolona              1872-1938                
Troublesome              1852-1853                
Tully              1835-1847, 1849-1859                
Weber              1882-1907                
Williamstown    63473         1855-Present                
Woodsmall              1839-1841                
Key to Markings
S     Spray Postmarks
P    Precancels Exist
T    Territorial Period
71    Cancels from 7-1-71 Affair
First Post Offices and Postmasters
Monticello -- J. H. McBride, Postmaster     La Grande -- C. S. Skinner, Postmaster
Tully -- Thomas Gray, Postmaster     Barresview -- G. A. Barnes, Postmaster
St. Francisville -- George Haygood, Postmaster     Sweet Home -- M. Couchman, Postmaster

Lewis County, MO
Bond Book A
P. 1-2
Henry Smith, deceased
Administrators: David Smith and Telghman Mitchell
Security:  Justinian Mills and Abner Bozarth
8 July 1833

P. 2-4
John M. Higgins, deceased with Will
Administrators: Justinian Mills
Security: John Bozarth Sr. & Stephen Tate
37 July 1833

P. 4-5
Tax Collector:    Chilton B. Tate
Security: Stephen Tate, Justinian Mills & Risdan Smith
12 January 1833

p. 5
Telghman Mitchell, deceased with Will
Administrators:  Mary Ann Mitchell
Security:  John Wash Jr, Eli Minell, & William Baum
8 July 1833

p. 6-9
John Haydow, deceased with Will
Administrator: Isaac Coffman
Security: Silas Reddish, Ransom Reddish & Charles A. Adams
4 March 1834

p. 10
Tax Collector:    Chilton B. Tate
Security:  James D. Owen & Ira Bozarth
5 Sept 1834

p. 11-12
Mitchell Russell, deceased with Will
Administrator: Samuel Russell
Security:    Nathaniel Russell
25 Sep 1834

p. 12-13
Thomas Legg, deceased with Will
Administrators: Thomas Legg
Security:    Nathaniel  & Robert Legg
25 Sept 1834

p. 14
Tax Collector:    C.B. Tate
Security: John Mattingly, Isaac Reese
11 Apr 1835

p. 15
Auditor of Public Accounts: C.B. Tate
Security: John Mattingly, Isaac Reese
10 Apr 1835

Pp 16-17 blank

p. 18-19
Moses Berry, deceased
Administrator: William Jackman & Roxian Berry
Security: Abner Bozarth & Joseph Loudermilk
4 October 1835

p. 20-21
George W(?) Strother, deceased
Administrator: John M. Strother
Security: Benjamin P. Major & John Brown
31 Oct 1835

p. 22-23
Martin Nall, Last Will and Testament signed 15 May 1832
Nominates wife Lucy Nall and Richard Quimm as executors
Children: daughters Elizabeth & Rols(?) Overton, Cynthia & Richard Quim(?); Mary Ann and Nathaniel Shannon(?), Evaline & William Govů(?), Dulcinea & Dudley W. Overton, daughter Rosanna, son Jeptha, children James D. Overton and Robert W. Overton of daughter Martha in the hands of William G. Overton
Slaves: Anna, Ca(?), Chloe, James & Nelson
Witnesses:  Wm H. Edwards, Washington Young, Daniel Easley
19 Dec 1835

p. 24-26

Public Administrator for Lewis County, MO: William J. Norris
Security: Chilton B. Tate, Silas Reddish and James ___ (latter did not sign)

p. 26-27
Martin Nall, deceased (see Will above)
Administrator: Vincent Forman
Security: Dudley W. Overton & Daniel Easley
19 Decr 1835

p. 27-28
Jacob Myers, deceased
Administrator, Robert M. Easton
Security:  Silas Reddish and Ralph Smith
23 Jany 1836

p. 29-30
Leonard Fretwell, deceased
Administrator, Nancy Fretwell
Security:  George Simpson & Joseph H. Blair
28 May 1836

p. 30-31
Jane (?)  Reese, deceased
Administrator, James Glaves/Glass
Security:  William T. and Richard Asberry
31 May 1836

p. 32-33
George Reese, deceased
Administrator, Addison Reese
Security:  Chauncy Durkee & David H. Reese
June 8, 1836

p. 33-34 (crossed out)
Elias Sinclair, deceased
Administrator, Gregory F. Hawkins
Security:  Dedick Huner & John H. Owsley
20 June 1836

p. 34-35 (crossed out)
William Hogan, deceased
Administrator, Morton Bourne
Security:  G. T. Moon & Chauncy Durkee
July 25, 1836

p. 335-36 (crossed out)
Chilton B. Tate, elected Sheriff
Security: Chauncy Durkee, Andrew P. Williams & James Collison(?)
James Thomas, esq. & Stephen Cooper, esq., Justices of the Peace for Lewis County, MO
11 August 1836

p. 36-37 (crossed out)
John Bland, estate
Administrator: James Glass
Security: James Bland & William P. Richardson
22 Sept 1836

p. 38-39
George Cowgill, deceased
Administrators: Nancy Cowgill and Samuel Musgrove
Security: Thadious Williams and Mags Johnson
Heirs:  William R., Martha J., Mason J., Mary R., Ann J.(?), Elisha, Julia Elizabeth Cowgill all of Lewis Co., MO
Date: 16 Oct 1836

p. 39-40
Charles Lampkins, deceased
Administrators: May Lampkins and W.H. Coleman
Security: David H. Reese and James D. Glenn
Date: 21 Oct 1836

P, 41-42
Richard Blair, deceased
Administrator: Joseph H. Blair
Security: Chauncy Durkee and Presley Blair
16 Jan 1837

p. 42-43
Eleanor Kenton, deceased without Will
Administrator: James A. Richardson
Security: William S. Pemberton
Heirs: Benjamin Kenton, Eleanor Kenton, Maria Kenton, Jane Allen, & Eleanor McDaniel all of Lewis Co., MO
7 June 1837

p. 44-45
Edward White deceased without Will
Administrator: John C. Johnson
Security: Peter F. Johnson & James A. Richardson
Heirs:  Hannah Coleman ____ as White, Mary White, Edward A. White, Josinah White, Bolivar White, Margaret White, Gabrill White & Eliza White.
10 August 1837

p. 45-46
Richard Blair, deceased
Presley Blair
James A. Richardson & V.A. Sublette
13 August 1837

p. 47-48
Joseph B. Buckley, deceased without Will
Administrator: Peter Ashley& Nancy H, Buckley
Security: John Wash, Jr. & William G. Force
Heirs:  John Patrick Buckley, William James Buckley, Alexander Davis (or David), Mary __, and Eizabeth Virginia Buckley, George Washington Thomas Buckley, all of Lewis Co., MO, the only children and heirs of Joseph B. "Blakely", deceased that Sara Buckley died without a Will
6 Oct 1837

p. 49-50
Diedrick Huner, pubic administrator for the County
Security: William Duncan, John H. Owsley, Mays Johnson
10 Jan 1838

p. 50-51
Ransom Reddish, deceased
Administrators: Mary Ann Reddish and John B. Reddish
Security: James A. Richardson & Silas Reddish
8 Feb 1838

p. 52-53
James M. Barnett, deceased without will
Administrator: Gregory F. Hawkins
Security: Roswell Durkee & Thompson Conley
26 May 1838

p. 53-54
James Armstrong, deceased
Administrator: Diedrick Huner
Security: G.F. Hawkins & Lucian Durkee
4 June 1838

p. 55-56
Jonathan Hildreth, deceased without Will
Administrator: Robert M. L. Howerton
Security: Hoard Roberts & James W. Leeper
Heirs: John, William, Harriett and Robert all of Lewis Co., MO, are the only children and heirs of Jonathan Hildreth
11 June 1838

p. 57-58

John H. Bullock, deceased without a Will
Administrators: Elizabeth Bullock & Thomas J. Richards or Rickard
Security: Benjamin W. Stith and Robert Congleton
Heirs: Charles P. Bullock, Mary E Morrow, Randolph S. Bullock, Jenetta H. Bullock, all of Lewis Co., MO except Mary Morrow-Territory of Wisconsin & Charles P. Bullock who resides in MO but county unknown, and are all the sole heirs of John Bullock
11 July 1838

p. 58-60
Jane or Nancy (both ways), Alford, deceased with Will
Administrator: John Ewing
Security: William Ewing and W.S. Pemberton
13 Oct 1838

p. 60-61
Elisha Logsdon, deceased without will
Administrator: Susannah Logsdon
Security: Charles Durbin, Thomas Horrell & John J. Galbraith
Heirs: Nancy M. Dumitt, Richard, Elijah, Mary & William Logsdon
13 Oct 1838

p. 62-63
Whitfield Browning, deceased
Administrator: Priscilla Browning
Security: Isaac Heard, Thomas A. Hardin and John O'Farrell
Biggen, Francis, George, James H., Whitfield & Mary Jane
19 Oct 1838

p. 64-65
Thomas Leg, deceased
Administrator: Samuel King
Security: James Thomas, Abner Morrell and Samuel K. Taylor
3 Dec 1838

p. 65-66
John (F. or H.) Emerson / Emmerson (both ways), deceased without Will
Administrators: Garrard Banks & William Marksbury
Security: Jame Emerson & Elijah Harper
8 Dec 1838

p. 66-
John H. Wolfe, deceased without Will
Administrator: John H Wolf
Security: E, Moore, Joseph Johnson, Benedict Kamp, John Wash., Jr., and Richard Wolfe

Father and mother of deceased are deceased, heirs are brothers and sisters and sister's children all of whom live in Ireland: Edmund, Patrick Timothy & Richard Wolfe: Bridget Kaafe, Patrick Morris, Michael, Mary & Hannah Nevel, heirs of Catherine, Nevel, formerly Catherine Wolfe, and a male child name unknown, and Mary Cain, daughter of Mary Cain formerly Mary Wolfe..

p.  67-68
Samuel Allen, deceased without Will
Administrator: William H. Holmes
Security: John Watts, Richard Allen and A.B. Thomas
Heirs: Martha Ann Knott, Catherine Downing, James S. Allen, Nathan Allen, Louisiana Allen, Mary Allen, Julian Gorn, Richard Allen, Augustus Samuel Allen, the nnly children of the deceased and all reside in Lewis County.

p. 69-70
George Staples, deceased with Will ($20,000 value)
Administrator: William T. Staples, John T. Staples & M.W. Plant
Security: William Smith, Chauncy Durkee, Andrew P. Williams, A.J. Henderson & James N. Sutton
11 Apr 1839

p. 70-71
William Wright, deceased
Administrator: Warden T. & George B. Wright
Security: John S. Frasier, David Merrill, Sam'l King, & B.W. Stith
22 May 1839
William Hagood, Justice of the Peace

p. 71-72
David S. Smith, minor
Guardian: Samuel Ammerman
Security: Thomas McGee & Drake
3 June 1839

p. 73-74
Joseph H. Wilson, deceased without will
Administrator: Thomas Adams
Security: John Glover & William Glover
Heirs:  James Vance ilson & Joseph Anson/Aron Wilson, Only Children and hairs and live in the County
1 July 1839

p. 74-75
John Settle, deceased
Administrator: Edwin G. Adkins
Security: Robert Brown and D.H. Reese
Heirs: Edward, John Morgan & Josephus Settle, only children and hairs, all live in the County
8 July 1839

p. 75-76
John Doyle, deceased and without Will
Administrator: Mary Ann Doyle & John Devibiss
Security: Dedrick Huner & John H. Owsley
Heir: Mary Doyle, only child and heir, and living in the County
4 Sept 1839

p. 76-77
Richard Asbury, deceased
Administrator: Sarah B. Asbury & Addison Reese
Security: James D. Glinn/Glenn  & W. J. Burnett

P. 78-79
William R. Agee, deceased without a Will
Administrator: Robert L. Agee
Security: P.G. Womack, N.S. Pemberton
Heirs: Sara Elizabet and James Mosley Agree, ohildren and heirs & reside in the ounty
2 Sept 1839

p. 79-81
William Gasaway, deceased
Administrator: Elizabeth E. Gasaway & Silas Reddish
Security: William P. Asberry & G.A. Richardson
Heir:  William Gasaway, only child and heir
24 Oct 1839

p. 81-82
Henry Smoot, deceased with Will
Administrator: Middleton Smoot
Security: William Smoot & William Prichard
23 October 1839

p. 82-83  ($20,000)
Robert Sinclair, deceased with will
Administrator: Susan Sinclair
Security: M.S. Gregory, William Urich, Asher B Ousley and Halsey White
14 Nov 1839

p. 84- 85  ($12,000)
Robert Wooden, deceased with Will
Administrator: Deidrick Huner
Security: G. F. Hawkins, Matthew Ray & C.B. Tate
15 Nov 1839
p. 86-87
Elias Brey, deceased without will
Administrator: Jesse McPherson
Security: Washington Brey and Franklin Garrett
Without any children as heirs
2 January 1840

p. 88-89 ($8000)
Benjamin Lillard, deceased with will
Administrator: Thomas Lillard
Security: William and Hamilton Lillard
17 January 1840

p. 89-90
George Thompson, deceased
Administrator: Elias Thompson
Security: Almarine & Jackson Thompson
21 January 1840

p. 90-91
William Stevens, deceased
Administrator: Daniel Morris & John Thevens
Security: Robert Morris, John Ball & Massey Thomas
4 ebruary 1840

p. 92-93
Frederick Beckner, deceased with Will
Administrator: Andrew Beckner
Security: A. J. Cannon/Connor & G. F. Hawkins
Heirs and children: Thomas Beckner, Andrew Beckner, Elizabeth Cannon wife of Newbold Connan, and Margaret Wilkin, wife of Joseph Wilkin, residing in Lewis County, and Peter Beckner, Abram L. Beckner, Jacob Beckner, Mary Overby/Overly, wife of  Jacob Overby/Overly, and Hannah Sweet, wife of Joshua Sweet all of the State of Kentuck, but in different counties, also Hester Silvey, wife of Lewis Silvey, and Ruaney(?) Kell, wife of Benjamin Kell all of Indiana.
13 March 1840

p. 93-94 ($8000)
Ahm Bozarth, deceased with Will
Administrator: Reason Bozarth
Security: Henry Stubblefield and C.B. Tate
13 March 1840

p. 94-95
Mary Ewing, deceased without Will
Administrator: James D. McCan
Security: Washington J. Burnett & James Shumate
Heirs: William D. Ewing, Elizabeth Ewing, Julia Ann Wallace, Thompson J. McCan, James D. McCan, all residents of Lewis Co., MO
8 June 1840

96-97 ($12000)
Bryant Bland, deceased without Will
Administrator: Isaac Bland
Security: C.B. Tate, Robert Easton, John Shanks & Roswell Dundee (latter did not sign)
Heirs and children: Elizabeth, Joseph & John Bland all of Lewis Co.,
31 July 1840

97-98 ($10,000)
Robert Wooden, deceased with Will
Administrator: Joshua Wooden
Security: Deidrick Haner, John O'farrell & Matthew Ray & John H. Owsley
24 August 1840

Abner H. Johnson, deceased with Will
Administrator: William Ellis
Security: Eli Kinley & Franklin Garrett
16 Sept 1840

100-101 ($7000)
John Crooks, deceased
Administrator: Esther Crooks, wife of deceased with Will (but not witnessed)
Security: Thomas L. Beckner & Gregory F. Hawkins
Children and Heirs: Lovina Ewing in Illinois; John Malinda Elizabeth James Caroline Amanda Indian Adaline Jefferson Margaret Sanford Paulina & Loretta all living in MO
8 Oct 1840

Peter J. Johnson, deceased without Will
Administrator: William Ellis
Security: A.J. Henderson & G.R. Hotsenfiller
Children and Heirs: May/Mary. Maria. Sarah Margaret and James Thomas Johnson
All of Lewis County
18 October 1849

103-104 ($7000)
Austin Morris, deceased with Will
Administrator: Lite T. Morris & Nancy Morris
Security: John Hampton and William Hampton
22 October 1840

Hezekiah Dean, deceased-without Will
Administrator: Nancy Dean and Coleman Asbury
Security: Henry Asbury & Thomas Stowers
24 Oct 1840

106-107 ($7000) Repeat, SEE ABOVE
John Crooks, deceased with Will
Administrator: Gregory F. Hawkins and Easter Crooks
Security: Thomas L. Beckner & David White
27 Oct 1840

107-109 ($12000)
Bryan Bland, deceased without Will
Administrator: Margaret Bland and Joseph P. Bridewell
Security: James J. Bland  Isaac Herald & Gregory F. Hawkins
Heirs: Mary Elizabeth John Henry & Hoseph Presley Bland living with the widow in Lewis Co.
3 November 1840

109-111 ($10000)
Stephen Tate, deceased without Will
Administrator: J.L.T. Tate
Security: D. Huner  C.B. Tate & Joseph Wooden(?)
Heirs: Childen B Tate, Allen  Malinda  Cooper  Elitha Goyes(?)  Elizabeth  Robert  Stephen Tate
Julia Ann and Polly Connor, children of Polly Connor and Light T. Tate, and the said Malinda Tate resides near Council Bluffs and Mississippi River, the said Elitha Goiges in Pikes Co., Mo and all the others in Lewis County.
3 November 1849